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Patrick Gallagher is contemporary Artist /Photographer whose work combines first hand impressions and observations that are the result of his extensive travel and living in Asia. He has explored and recorded, on video, on canvas and on film, many remote places in Western China/Tibet, and South/South East Asia.

Patrick has been exploring Asia for the last thirty years. His formal education in Asian studies with an emphasis on China and Chinese Language prepared him to comfortably live and travel throughout Asia. He is especially attracted to the far western remote areas of Tibet and the Uighur areas on the Silk Road. His personal interest is in Spiritual Asia. He has spent years capturing these cultures in art and photography. Patrick has lived for the last ten years in Thailand commuting between his ranch studio in California and his studio in Thailand.

Patrick’s art reflect his interest in Asia and Asian subjects. All of his art represent a broad spectrum of cultural and historical Asia. He does not define himself as an artist but consider himself a “visual story teller” and therefore most of his art is organized into specific themes ie: Asian Waters, Traditional Chinese Opera, the Tea Horse Road, Buddhism and more on Patrick…..

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